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Succession: Jesse Armstrong, Matthew Macfadyen, and Brian Cox on filming 'Boar on the Floor'

It was a stand-out scene from the second series of Succession - I asked principal players about how weird it was and learned there's a scene which didn't make the final cut...

In terms of your careers, how was the 'Boar on the Floor' scene to film? Where does that rank in the weird scenes you've filmed and what kind of fun did you have with that?

Matthew Macfadyen: It's quite high on the weird scenes... yeah [laughs]. That was quite unsettling.

Jesse Armstrong: It was quite hot, and it was quite late, and there was a quite a 'Boar on the Floor' feeling, wasn't there?

Brian Cox: It was kind of dangerous... I was very nervous about it, 'Boar the Floor', because of this demonic thing that has to come out... The craziness that you see... I just thought, 'Oh, this is risky,' because we've a long way to go. But it's a moment of flaring up, where it just explodes.

It worked and I think Tony [Roche, who wrote the scene] was worried about the same thing, but it worked. It worked.

Matthew Macfadyen: We did it in a big long takes so it sort of built, which is brilliant because it doesn't work for you, we didn't really have to use our imagination on set.

Did you find yourself obeying Brian a bit too quickly?

Matthew Macfadyen: I was down to my knees pretty quick. There was sort of an attempt at resistance...

Brian Cox: They've all got stakes, because they've got to honour the stakes they've got, their own investment career... It's cruel...

Matthew Macfadyen: [laughing] We shot that scene in a swimming pool. It didn't make the cut because it was too odd...

But there was a phase at the end where we had the 'Boar on the Floor' and you'd [Brian Cox] left muttering darkly about some kind of retribution. And then we cut to Tom standing in an empty swimming pool, in a sort of demented Orangery, looking up and taking off my sweater. There were a load of men drinking and that was it. It didn't make it.

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